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Top 10 Wireless Headphones Best Collections 2020

Wireless Headphones are the primary need and most used devices as the technology is growing the Bluetooth headphones, as well as wireless headphones, are improving.

The popularity of Bluetooth headphones is increasing after wireless earphones that are free from the inconvenience of wired earphone cables.

Bluetooth headphones may be bulky and less portable than earphones, but they are durable and can be produced in one style.

Wireless is inferior in sound quality to wired devices, but many Bluetooth headphones have been released these days.

For beginners to Bluetooth headphones, we will introduce a product purchase guide and specifications and pros and cons of the most popular Bluetooth headphones products on the market.

Bluetooth Headphones Buying Guide

1. Bluetooth Version

The higher the Bluetooth version, the better the security and battery efficiency, and it is better to choose a product that supports Bluetooth version 3.0 or higher.

2. Check Compatibility

Make sure that the product you are purchasing is compatible with the smartphone you are using and supports the Bluetooth version.

In particular, the iPhone can be supported, but when using Android, the sound quality may be poor or the compatibility may not be stable.

3. Considering The Operating Environment

If the environment in which Bluetooth headphones are mainly used is for public transportation or in a noisy environment, select a product with excellent noise isolation.

4. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bluetooth Headphones


  • Free from cable, so listening to music on the go is convenient
  • The outer ear design is effective in blocking external noise.
  • Stylish matches are possible
  • Disadvantages

    • It is bulky compared to the hone
  • There is a hassle of charging
  • 1. Beatsby Dr.Dre Studio3 Wireless Headphones

    Noise Blocking Function

    Beatsby Dr.Dre Studio3 Wireless Headphones
    • Equipped with finely tuned acoustics and noise reduction technology, you can enjoy the premium sound.
    • It is recommended for Bluetooth headphones that are comfortable to wear with an over-ear design that covers the ears and is effective in blocking noise.
    • Real-time audio correction function maintains a clear sound environment
    • Provides call, music listening control and Siri activation using multi-function on-ear control
    • With fast fuel technology, it can be regenerated for 3 hours with a 10-minute charge even when there is no battery remaining


    • External noise-blocking function
    • The real-time audio correction function
    • Up to 22 hours of battery life


    • Compatibility is low except iPhone
    • There is a price range

    Product Detail Table

    Bluetooth version 4.0
    color black grey
    drive 3.5mm
    battery 22 hours

    2. Bang & Olufsen ANC Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

    High Sensitivity Touch Panel

    Bang & Olufsen ANC Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones
    • Increased immersion in music regardless of external noise with stronger noise canceling function
    • Transparency mode allows you to adjust the external sound without taking off the headphones to cope with any unexpected accidents
    • It is an over-ear type Bluetooth headphone product that provides comfortable wearing with soft leather and memory foam.
    • Improved sound quality and reduced battery consumption using Bluetooth 4.2
    • ANC on / off, play and pause, volume control, and call control can be controlled through simple gestures using the high-sensitivity touch panel.


    • Powerful noise canceling
    • Transparency mode provided
    • Up to 18 hours of playback
    • The high sensitivity touch panel


    • The opinion that pouch is bad
    • Affordable price range

    Product Detail Table

    Bluetooth version4.2
    colorNatural, black
    battery18 hours

    3. Britz Wired And Wireless Bluetooth Headphones W800BT

    Large Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery

    • Britz W800BT is a recommended product for wired and wireless headphones with Bluetooth 4.0 chipset
    • Lithium batteries can be used for up to 35 hours and can be used by wired audio cable after the battery is discharged.
    • With a 40mm neodymium driver, it provides rich bass and treble sound in various genres.
    • The closed design allows you to enjoy the immersive, high-resolution sound


    • Headphones for both wired and wireless
    • Ergonomic design provides comfort
    • Large-capacity lithium-ion battery
    • Cost-effective


    • Folder does not work
    • Multi-pairing function not supported

    Product Detail Table

    Bluetooth version4.0
    colorBlack, red, white
    battery35 hours

    4. Britz Wired And Wireless Bluetooth Headphones H880BT

    Multi Pairing Provided

    • Britz H880BT is a recommended product for wired and wireless headphones with Bluetooth 4.1 chipset
    • The latest wireless technology is applied to enjoy rich mid-range and open high-pitched sound with a premium 40mm driver.
    • Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR chipset enables low power consumption and stable wireless use
    • The connection between the headband and the ear cup is made of aluminum alloy, which is durable and gives comfort even for long time use.


    • Rich bass and treble support
    • Headphones for both wired and wireless
    • Provide multi Bluetooth pairing
    • Ergonomic design


    • Reviews that sound insulation is unfortunate
    • The opinion that there is a Yoda phenomenon

    Product Detail Table

    Bluetooth version4.1
    colorBlack, brown, mixed color
    battery24 hours

    5. Sony Casual Bluetooth Headphone WH-CH500

    20 Hours Of Continuous Use

    Sony Casual Bluetooth Headphone WH-CH500
    • Supports battery that can play wireless music continuously for up to 20 hours
    • It is recommended for Bluetooth headphones that provide a comfortable fit with ultra-lightweight and soft cushion ear pads.
    • Simple and stylish 4 colors and swivel structure with rotating housing for good portability
    • The smart voice assistant function allows you to control the functions of your smartphone by voice without having to look or touch your smartphone.


    • 20 hours of continuous wireless music playback
    • various color
    • Provide google voice & Siri function
    • Easy hands-free calling


    • Comments that the headband floats when worn
    • It is said that noise isolation is unfortunate

    Product Detail Table

    Bluetooth version4.2
    colorGrey, red, black, blue
    battery20 hours

    6. Motorola Pulse Is Cape Bluetooth Headphones

    Waterproof Function Support

    Motorola Pulse Is Cape Bluetooth Headphones
    • Provides clean and high-quality music listening and call quality with Bluetooth 4.1 support
    • Noise isolation can block unwanted background noise
    • It is recommended for Bluetooth headphones that provide excellent bass sound with a powerful and large 40mm driver.
    • Designed with a waterproof and dustproof function, you can enjoy music with maximum performance without worrying about a foreign matter such as dust.
    • The ear cup touch control makes it easy to control music and the folding design makes it easy to carry.


    • Bluetooth 4.1 support
    • Noise isolation
    • Waterproof function support
    • Folding design


    • It is said that pairing is unfortunate
    • There is a dislike of sound quality.

    Product Detail Table

    Bluetooth version4.1
    colorBlack White
    battery10 hours

    7. Boss Noise Canceling Headphones QC35

    Excellent Noise Canceling Function

    Boss Noise Canceling Headphones QC35
    • With noise canceling function, you can enjoy a quieter and richer sound
    • A single charge radio is up to 20 hours, a wired it can be used up to 40 hours is
    • It is a recommended product of Bluetooth headphones that is made of premium material, giving a lightweight and comfortable fit.
    • Boss Connect application support enables convenient connection and user settings, making it easy to use


    • Excellent noise canceling function
    • Excellent battery operating time
    • Wired and wireless compatible
    • Korean voice guidance support


    • The opinion that it is unfortunate because it is monochromatic
    • Affordable price range

    BOSS has been researching for 12 years from 1978 to 1989 to develop the first noise-canceling headset, and it is said that the product is recognized enough to be used as a communication headset for the U.S. Army electronics armored vehicle crew.

    Bose is the industry’s best noise-canceling Bluetooth headphone, with no one to follow as a noise-canceling top of the top.

    Product Detail Table

    Bluetooth version 4.1
    color black
    drive 40mm
    battery 20 hours

    8 Audiotechnica ATH-WS330BT Wireless Headphone

     Audiotechnica ATH-WS330BT Wireless Headphone

    The wireless headphone which is a lightweight body yet delivers a heavy bass. By using the 40mm diameter “SOLID BASS Driver” and the new mechanism’s “bass lead conduit”, the mid-bass and elastic mid-range are realized.

    It is also attractive that it is equipped with a battery that can be used for up to 70 hours of continuous playback for a long time. It also supports rapid charging that can be used for about 4 hours on a 10-minute charge. It is a nice point that ”is adopted.

    9. Boss NC700 Wireless HeadPhones

    “After the QC35, the performance of the NC700 and QC35 is almost the same. 

    However, support for the augmented reality app provided by BOSS, touch control, etc. are elements of update.  

    However, QC35 is still available. If you are not greedy with the latest features, Even more so. ” 

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    10. B & O E6  Wireless Headphones

    B & O E6  Wirless Headphone

    “If you don’t want to compromise on sound quality, I recommend it. It is also one of the best in the products we tested. It has a good design, durable cable, and waterproof features. However, the original charger has a

    replacement cost in case of failure.  The disadvantage is that it is expensive and the battery life is only 5 hours. ” 

    Wireless Headphones Tickles:

    Nowadays, it depends upon the age when you wear socks with different colors, right?

    Bluetooth headphones are not only wireless but also a little different from earphones.

    Bluetooth headphones also range from inexpensive products to expensive ones. However, it is recommended that you purchase the sound quality and fit inexpensively through the Internet after visiting the store.

    We hope that you can help us make a reasonable purchase by referring to the recommended products and purchasing guide for Wireless Headphones.


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