Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA Price Specifications Reviews 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA Price Specifications Best Review 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA  Price Specifications Reviews 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA: Samsung Electronics’ flagship smartphone series, “Galaxy S”, is one of the longest (?) Smartphones with the 11th model released this year. Since the early days when the smartphone craze began to blow, it has evolved into a series of smartphones that are recognized in the global market and holds a Samsung Electronics unpacking event, Samsung Electronics’ unveiled presentation, every year to solidify its presence and presence.

However, as expected from a few years ago, it is now difficult to expect the same advancement or innovation in the smartphone market. Since the latest technologies that are currently available for mass production are concentrated in smartphones, the size is already growing as it grows, and when it grows larger, it deviates from the generally defined “smartphone” form factor.

Therefore, it will not be easy to apply another latest technology while maintaining the current smartphone form factor. It is positive that the performance of the processor is being improved every year, but it is difficult to have high expectations compared to the days when smartphones were in full swing.

In the case of flexible display, which is receiving attention recently, it is clear that it is an innovative technology that can open a new market for smartphones, but it still lacks in terms of completeness and unit cost. Still, as the limits of ordinary smartphones are approaching, it is expected that this is the most potent solution that can greatly revitalize the smartphone market again.

Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA is considered to be a model that pays much attention to the camera, even though there are not many special items compared to the previous Galaxy models, the “Camera” item is largely allocated on the Samsung official website.

It has a basic 180 million pixels, a telephoto 48 million pixels, an ultra-wide-angle 12 million pixels, and a front 40 million pixels. A 3D depth vision camera is included, and the Folded secures the focal length by arranging sensors and lenses in a periscope structure. The method is applied.

As a result, aka “Induction” and “Katuktu” designs became more prominent, but the application was further expanded by supporting 10x hybrid optical zoom and 100x digital zoom (= space zoom) through AI technology.

Also, in order to reduce noise during low-light shooting, pixel binning technology that bundles 4 or 9 pixels together is applied, so that even when the number of pixels decreases, a clearer low-light shooting can be obtained. You can take advantage of features such as Super Slow Motion Shooting, Super Steady Action Cam applied at 1080p resolution.

At this point, the camera feels more emphasized than the smartphone itself, but … As mentioned earlier, it can be seen as an example of the fact that there is not much room for development within the current smartphone form factor.

Even if the weight of the camera is large, the Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA is Samsung’s newest and top-end smartphone, so let’s take a closer look at device performance and utilization through various benchmarks and tests.

This SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 is divided into three lineups: S20, S20 +, and S20 ULTRA, and we will take a look at S20 ULTRA, the highest specification among them.

The S20 ULTRA is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SM8250 AP (Adreno 650 GPU) with 5000mAh battery capacity, not Exynos for domestic use, a 6.9-inch Infinity-O display with WQHD (3200×1440) resolution, and a quad lens of 180 million pixels Since the differentiated specifications stand out from the previous works such as S10 and NOTE10, it is a product that many consumers are curious about, so it is planned to be divided into detailed reviews of the battery part and the camera, display, performance, and heat of the first part.

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Galaxy S20 ULTRA has 40 million pixels front camera, 180 million pixels (79 degree of view, F1.8) rear main camera, 48 million pixels (24 degree of view, F3.5) rear telephoto camera, 12 million pixels (120-degree angle of view, F2.2) rear ultra-wide-angle camera, and a depth vision camera that captures the distance and location of objects in 3D are installed.

In the case of the rear camera, a folded method is used to secure the focal length by arranging the sensor and lens in a periscope structure, but the popular “Katuktu” design is more prominent instead of  10x hybrid optical zoom and 100x digital through AI technology Zoom (= Space Zoom ) is supported.

In addition, the 108MP mode, which fully utilizes 180 million pixels, can use only 4: 3 ratio and 1.0 ~ 6.0x ratio, and can take clearer pictures, and 4 or 9 pixels to reduce noise when shooting in low light. The pixel binning technology that binds together is applied (select “Night” in the shooting mode), so you can get a brighter, clearer low-light shot even when the number of pixels decreases.

There are many added parts and many improved parts, but it is difficult to test all parts, so please note that the result is a level that adds the result of space zoom to the existing shooting pattern. The example photo was taken with a  tripod / Auto setting / Normal 4: 3 ratio / Manual center focus / HDR Off / Timer 5 seconds .

Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA Specifications:

SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA 5G Specifications
SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA 5G Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRAPrice

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