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Is Buying iPhone 7 a Good Option or not? Reliable in 2020

Buy Iphone 7: If you are asking this, then you have come to the right place as here you will get all the information you need to make the right decision. Apple-based in San Francisco city of America has driven its juggernaut by using just one principle:

selling highly desirable products at high gross fat margins. It is a company that focuses on high-design, design thinking that examines an issue from all aspects rather a using a data-driven approach that other companies use.

The main feature of the smartphone market is that if you show the users two identical phones with the same features, they will opt for the higher-priced one as it is regarded to be of higher quality. And that’s where Apple wins hands down as it caters to a latent psychographic need of users.

Evolution of apple as a market leader

The irony is that so many companies are running their businesses by just copying Apple and its products that the company now has a strong secrecy code n place where one department does not know what the other is doing so that trade secrets remain fully secret.

Apple outclassed Motorola and virtually finished off its motorazr, motokrzr, and motorockr range of mobile phones by offering white-colored phones with an awesome touch -the interface that made users look up and take notice.

It has eclipsed Samsung and Nokia and none of the phones in the android, blackberry, windows, Symbian, Bada ecosystem have been able to challenge the hegemony of Apple in the marketplace. New operating systems like Tizen have also not been able to make a dent in its profits and it is now sitting on more than $100 billion of cash.

To buy or not to buy iPhone 7 Plus

Come September and buy iPhone 7 start in the first week. If you have cash and are looking for buying a premium product that does justice to your money, do your research well.


Camera: This is the area where all the action is as Apple does not have a camera yet that works brilliantly in low-light.

So a second rear-facing camera might open possibilities for application developers to come up with augmented reality and mixed reality apps that are just on the horizon.

The three-dimensional image capturing functionalities are bound to succeed as Google is experimenting with it in its daydream project through the Tango range of phones that are about to be unveiled.

Dual-lens: This is the one functionality experts feel that might be included in this new edition of the iPhone. But there is no guarantee that picture quality obtained from a double-lens camera will be superior to a single-lens camera.

Expert opinion is divided between this count and we suggest you see the phone once it is launched and then buy it so that your money goes in the right direction.

Picture-quality has a bearing on the kind of shares, likes, responses you get on social media so it is important that you get it right on this front.

As a rule of thumb, remember that it’s the eye that takes the picture and not the camera.

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